Promoting Well-Being in Leaders: Self-Care Tips for a Better You at Home and Work

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Leadership is a tremendous job, one that requires constant giving of your energy, presence and talents. However, as a leader, you can only be as great to others as you are with yourself first. Therefore, sustainability in leadership must be supported by strategies to replenish and protect your energy. This blog explores what self-care is, explains why it should be treated as part of any leader’s daily job, and introduces strategies to implement self-care both at work and at home.

Understanding Self-Care

Self-care is a way to improve self-awareness and increase connection to self. This supports leaders in decreasing their stress and becoming more engaged, thus helping them perform better and feel more fulfilled. Incorporating self-care into a daily mode of operation allows leaders to lead more authentically and expand without the usual cost of burnout and fatigue.

Self-care can initially feel selfish or daunting, especially taking into account Latino cultural values of being selfless, sacrificing and working hard. For self-care to be effective and replenishing, it must come from a place of desire rather than need. Approaching self-care from an intentional place without judgment is how daily strategies will actually energize and engage someone as an effective leader with their team.

Self-Care Practice at Home

Self-care has to begin at home. How you start your day can determine how the rest of your day will go, how you will show up at work as a leader, and how effectively you will do your job. Here are some tips to infuse self-care at home, both before and after work:

  1. Start your day with connection. Wake up with enough time to connect with 

yourself before the day takes a hold of you. You might use this time for meditation, movement or even sitting quietly and enjoying your cup of coffee. 

  1. Use gratitude to call in the energy you want in your day. Every morning, make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for and lean into the emotions that gratitude brings up for you.
  2. Set the direction for your day by answering these two questions: What’s one thing I want to accomplish today? How do I want to feel at the end of the day? Come back to these answers throughout the day to keep you focused and on track.
  3. At night you want to end with as much intention and gratitude with which you started the day. Doing this impacts your quality of sleep and how rested and energized you will feel in the morning. So before bed, you can meditate or journal to reflect on what went well, what moment brought you joy and what you’re looking forward to the next day.

Self-Care Practice at Work

Self-care must be present at work, as part of the job, woven into all of your other duties as a leader. As a leader, you might feel drained at times. So just like a rechargeable battery, you have to know how to replenish and recharge throughout the day. Here are some ways to implement self-care in the workplace:

  1. Get clear on your priorities for the day. Identify three priorities and the action items that serve each of those priorities. As things come up throughout your often unpredictable days, these priorities will be your compass as you make decisions about what requires your attention and energy.
  2. Take breaks and connect with others. Studies have shown that human connection is vital to our well-being in the workplace. Take a walking break with a team member, have lunch away from your desk at the cafeteria, and offer standing check-ins with your staff.
  3. Celebrate your wins and your team’s wins. Acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments and what is going well is an energy shifter that will keep you and your team inspired and motivated. You might share wins in a weekly email, at a weekly meeting, or just as they come.
  4. Be aware of how your workspace impacts your energy. Make sure your workspace feels inspiring and supportive. This can include having ergonomic support at your desk, keeping your workspace decluttered and organized, and putting up pictures, art or quotes that inspire you.

In conclusion, integrating self-care into leadership is not just essential; it’s the bedrock of sustainable success. By understanding and implementing self-care practices at home and in the workplace, leaders not only enhance their well-being but also pave the way for a more connected, productive, and fulfilling leadership journey.

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